Five Oaks Farm began operation in March of 2005, with one pregnant female and four males.

Alpacas are camelids, members of the same family as camels and llamas. They originated in South America, primarily in the mountains of Peru, Bolivia and Chili. Alpacas were domesticated for their fiber, which is very soft and has a strong insulating value. Five Oaks Farm offers primarily natural color yarn and fiber.

Alpacas are very peaceful animals. Newborns - called crias - are typically on their feet and feeding within about an hour of being born. They grow to a maximum weight of about 150 to 175 pounds, and eat grass, alfalfa and grain. In their first year, they already produce wonderful fleece. In this part of the country, alpacas are typically sheared one time per year, usually in April or May. By winter, they have grown a thick, warm coat.

The shearing process
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